A fractional Chief Technology Officer (fCTO) is a veteran technology executive
who serves on the leadership team of a company on a less-than-full-time basis.

Engaging an fCTO can be an elegant decision for companies who want
quality expertise without the cost and risk.

What’s a Venturepreneur?

A Venturepreneur is someone creating not just a business but a healthy, thriving, sustainable organization.

Venturepreneurs recognize that imagining a new thing is not the end of the game … it takes people, a business model, strategy, operations … and all the other stuff that makes that thing operationally and fiscally sustainable.



With a career spent in founding and technical leadership roles with new and enterprise-level organizations, Michael Sattler is a veteran in technology strategy, operations, and product management.

  • B2B and B2C SaaS product development
  • Software and application design and engineering operations
  • New venture creation
  • Scaled and managed technical teams from 2-50+ across three continents
  • Large-scale cross-functional program management
  • Innovation practices

BA, Princeton University

MBA (magna cum laude)
Babson Collage

#1 in Entrepreneurship for 30 years

“Michael has a knack for being able to see beyond the immediate, and even longer term, to a true vision of what a team, technology and company can become. … He truly is a force to be reckoned with. Some days felt like I just needed to hold on to his coattails to keep up.”

Sean Bullock, Director, Data Strategy at Activate Care

ExperienceHack is a team of entrepreneurs and fractional leaders with our own share of setbacks, hurdles and oh shit moments. We’ve translated that experience into helping countless startup founders

So they don’t feel alone.
So that hurdles are visible.
So that they can move forward with more confidence.


What is a Venturepreneur?



A Venturepreneur is someone creating not just a business but a healthy, thriving, sustainable organization.

Venturepreneurs recognize that imagining a new thing is not the end of the game … it takes people, a business model, strategy, operations … and all the other stuff that makes that thing operationally and fiscally sustainable.

It doesn’t matter whether your venture is big or small, old or new:
product and technology have to be managed seamlessly,
along with strategy, customers, and stakeholders from other disciplines.

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“A good fractional CTO adds value on Day One.”

Services and Capabilities

  • Strategic planning that blends technology and busienss
  • Comprehensive engineering operations management
  • Software / application design and implementation
  • Modular and web service architecture design and implementation
  • Data architecture design, reporting, and analysis
  • Third party IT service and data integration
  • In-house and offshore software development team management
  • DevOps, systems administration, security, and compliance
  • Technical talent recruitment and management
  • Operational process flow documentation and optimization
  • B2B and B2C SaaS product development
  • Strategy-to-roadmap product design
  • Product wireframing, fully-interactive UX mockups, detailed requirement and user story definition, QA and testing plans
  • Large-scale cross-functional program management

What You Get

  • An outsider’s perspective and a wealth of diverse experiences
  • Fresh insights, innovative solutions, and best practices from different sectors
  • Flexible, scalable leadership to accommodate evolving needs
  • Digital transformation direction, software development oversight, and cybersecurity insights
  • Past experience with and openness to a variety of technologies
  • Communication skills and the availability to articulate technical strategies and decisions verbally, in print, and in pictures with individuals at all levels of technical understanding
  • Direct management experience with teams, individual contributors, and outsourced resources
  • Direct leadership experience that recognizes the importance of collaboration across disciplines
  • Direct experience working for organizations of your size and stage of maturity
  • Immediate integration with your leadership and technology teams
  • Fast uptake on your industry, business, platforms, and people

Finding business-minded, product-driven technical leadership
has always been a challenge. Now there’s a new way to move your business forward

And you can start today.

Want a preview?

The Venturepreneur Video Series

A unique perspective on technology and business

  • Episode 1. What is a Venturepreneur?
    A Venturepreneur is anyone who’s building an organization to make a new idea real. That’s what this series is going to be about: combining the latest product thinking with the best practices of the most nimble startups to help create ventures cheaper, better, and faster than ever before.
  • Episode 2. Venturepreneurs vs entrepreneurs
    The difference between entrepreneurship and venturepreneurship?  Ego. A venturepreneur understands that to create a fiscally sustainable result, you’ve got to create something that balances the contributions and needs of groups of people. 
  • Episode 3. What do venture structures look like?
    Traditional org charts contain some implicit biases – and not good ones. We provide an alternative.
  • Episode 4. What is the purpose of a venture?
    What is the primary purpose of a new venture? It’s simple: find product-market-fit. That’s it.
  • Episode 5. What is product-market fit?
    Put gliby, product-market fit is “finding a good market with a product capable of satisfying that market.” But it gets harder from there. One useful definition is “when strangers are calling you about your product without being asked”.
  • Episode 6. How NOT to find product-market fit
    How NOT to find product-market fit: A) Worry about a business plan. B) Raise money to build a product. C) Build your product before you know how to sell it.
  • Episode 7. Product-Market Fit: The Market is an Ocean
    In this video I start to explore the details of what PMF is, how to think about it, and how to go about making its pursuit central to your new venture’s activity. This is part one with more to come!
  • Episode 8. Product-Market Fit: Sniff-Test-Proof PMF
    The second part of a PMF overview : what it is and how to think about it. This one focuses on what evidence you’re looking for in a PMF strategy and how it can make a huge difference in getting raising money for your venture.

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