Upstart Thinking: Fifteen Years of Lessons for the Would-Be Entrepreneur

A conversation about startups

7PM, Friday June 7, Benton Library, Belmont, MA

Of course you’ve thought about being an entrepreneur. You’ve always dreamed of starting your own business and being your own boss. You’ve got a great idea for a startup that could change the world. You’ve imagined quitting your job and striking out on your own – trusting to your own effort and willpower and skill to make it in the world.

But what does it really take? What’s it like out there in the startup world these days? Do you know what you need to know?


Startup veteran Michael Sattler has been there. Recently. Having created or advised more than twenty companies in the past few years, he’s seen the landscape and expectations change in unprecedented ways. He’s seen how technology – from social media to crowdfunding to smartphones – has opened up huge new opportunities for entrepreneurs at every level. He’s watched startup culture move from the traditional centers of Boston and Silicon Valley into cities and towns and neighborhoods across the country. And he’s seen companies succeed and fail from the inside.

In many ways, it’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. But that doesn’t mean it will be easy.

Find out why.

Join Michael for a special talk about his experiences in the current entrepreneurial landscape in 2013. You’ll hear some great stories from the front lines, plus:

  • Big-picture trends that really matter (how technology is disrupting everything, the changing nature of trust, why startups are socially necessary)
  • Practical techniques for getting your idea off the ground (how to find a team, how to create a Kickstarter campaign)
  • The pitfalls and challenges you could encounter – personally and emotionally – when you decide to take the big step.

Admission is free.


Find out more about Michael on his website:


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Michael Sattler

With a career spent in founding and technical leadership roles with new and enterprise-level organizations, Michael Sattler is a veteran in technology strategy, operations, and product management. He’s spent decades in B2B and B2C SaaS product development, software and application design, engineering operations, new venture creation, and innovation practices.

He has scaled and managed technical teams from 2-50+ across three continents, led large-scale cross-functional program management, and founded or co-founded six companies.