Infographic: Startup Engineering

I’ve been thinking recently about the differences between building something right, and building something RIGHT NOW. In startup mode, the optimal solution almost always requires more time or money or effort than is available. The compromise solution can either be depressing or invigorating – it depends entirely on your point of view. If you start off realizing that the standards for the work you’re doing are different, the real art of startup engineering emerges. Find joy in the hack.

Michael Sattler

With a career spent in founding and technical leadership roles with new and enterprise-level organizations, Michael Sattler is a veteran in technology strategy, operations, and product management. He’s spent decades in B2B and B2C SaaS product development, software and application design, engineering operations, new venture creation, and innovation practices.

He has scaled and managed technical teams from 2-50+ across three continents, led large-scale cross-functional program management, and founded or co-founded six companies.