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  • Explainer Videos and An Education Revolution

    (Or, How My Daughter’s YouTube Channel Is Changing the Planet) I’ve been witnessing an interesting trend recently: my ten-year-old daughter has taught herself how to produce explainer videos. My Ten-Year-Old Daughter’s Self-Produced How-To Video She borrows my iPhone, shoots video, uploads it to her computer and uses Windows Media Maker to cut, splice, add audio…

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  • Why Lean Startup Methodology Doesn’t Go Far Enough

    This following was cribbed from a recent post on MosaicHub: If you’re starting your own business these days, you’ve no doubt heard about the “Lean Startup Methodology” as espoused by Eric Reis. For those less familiar here’s a breakdown of the concept, including core principles and methodology. Basically the lean startup concept is this: push…

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  • Disrupt Yourself Or Someone Else Will

    I think it’s pretty clear that we’re living through a period of history where everything is changing. Technology is driving those changes, and the pace of technological change is speeding up. Here are some undeniable facts: Technology moves in one direction. It doesn’t go backwards. We live in a vast, complex, and innovative world. If there’s…

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  • 4 Reasons (You May Not Have Thought Of) Why Facebook’s IPO Valuation is Low – PART TWO

    (Continued from yesterday) 3. Facebook is about Facebook. Facebook’s management knows all of the stuff I’ve already mentioned. And best I can tell, they’ve managed to subordinate everything else to making their product excellent. By excellent I don’t mean perfect or without flaws – I mean consistently delivering real value to users, which means they keep using…

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  • 4 Reasons (You May Not Have Thought Of) Why Facebook’s IPO Valuation is Low

    There will be a lot published about the Facebook IPO in the next few days, much of it either hopelessly myopic or sanctimoniously cynical. Here’s my take on it, spoken as a guy who remembers the Netscape IPO in 1995 and how terribly inadequate the hyperbole about the world-changing effects of the web turned out…

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  • On How Far We’ve Come

    Having just finished Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants and Ray Kurzweil’s The Singularity Is Near, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the pace of change, especially in the field I’m most familiar with: web-based startups. When I started WebOnTap in 1998, here’s what we spent our first six months doing: Choosing our software…

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