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  • Explainer Videos and An Education Revolution

    (Or, How My Daughter’s YouTube Channel Is Changing the Planet) I’ve been witnessing an interesting trend recently: my ten-year-old daughter has taught herself how to produce explainer videos. My Ten-Year-Old Daughter’s Self-Produced How-To Video She borrows my iPhone, shoots video, uploads it to her computer and uses Windows Media Maker to cut, splice, add audio…

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  • On Citizens United: Why Corporations are People and Why That’s a Good Thing

    Gather round, children. Here’s a story: Once upon a time, there was this ship owned by a rich guy. He sent the ship on a long voyage to pick up some cool stuff where it was cheap, then brought it back and sold it where it was expensive. He pocketed the money and got even…

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  • On Starting

    I was more than a bit surprised when I introduced myself at an event a few weeks ago and reported that I had spent seventeen years in the web industry. Aside from the fact that that number is a large portion of my personal and professional life, it occurred to me that it’s arguably coincident…

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