Episode 1. What is a Venturepreneur?

There’s no shortage of new ideas out there that might make the world better, and all of them require groups of people – creators, product designers, operators, marketers, customers – to make them real. 

What HAS changed is the speed of technology. It’s creating new opportunities and new ideas faster than ever before. The problem is that the process of setting up the ventures to make them real isn’t changing very fast. We still create them with old-fashioned templates and models that reduce the chance of their success.

A Venturepreneur is anyone who’s building an organization to make a new idea real. They recognize that imagining a new thing is not the end of the game … it takes people, a business model, strategy, operations  … and all the other stuff that makes that thing operationally and fiscally sustainable.

That’s what this series is going to be about: combining the latest product thinking with the best practices of the most nimble startups to help create ventures cheaper better faster than ever before.